Depression as a Call to Awakening

The deeper you go into the blackness of the ego’s foundation, the closer you come to the Love that is hidden there. And it is this that frightens you.

A Course in Miracles T-13.III.4

The desire for death is essentially a desire for change, a desire to live again. People who wish to commit suicide have a deep desire for life, not for death

Pamela Kribbe, The Dark Night of the Soul

darkness-takes-overHow many of us cannot relate to this poem, which Patty van Delft (Just Patty) ( kindly gave me permission to publish here?

Depression has become the “sickness” of our time, as millions of people get overtaken by anxiety and despair. Yet depression is not a sickness, but a call to awakening.

The idea that depression is a sickness is based on the belief that our consciousness is the product of chemical reactions in the brain. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, this belief is still firmly entrenched in medical science and society as a whole. The fact that drugs can affect our moods (though never without “side-effects”) does not mean that the moods are caused by chemical reactions.

The popularity of the chemical model has to do with the materialistic belief that we are bodies instead of souls inhabiting bodies. This is not so.

Depression is a state of consciousness. It is the natural feeling response to the failure of our basic belief systems. When we don’t find happiness despite all the psychological advice on “how to get happy”, does it not indicate that something very basic is wrong? With a belief in an unreliable, moody and vengeful God that condones killing or has the need to kill his own son, is it any wonder that we can’t seem to find Love? With a belief that everything in the universe, including us, is the result of a “Big Bang” followed by a completely random process of evolution by natural selection, where our very being is merely a by-product of chemicals in the brain, is it any wonder that we have so little hope?

The truth is that our dysfunctional beliefs are merely that – beliefs. They are not truth. The truth is Life, which IS. We cannot escape from Life, and we cannot kill it.

In order to re-connect to Life – to the Joy of our Being – we have to do nothing but undo our beliefs in lack, fear, smallness and inadequacy. We can first follow the intellectual route, as in A Course in Miracles, or we can follow the feeling route, as in A Course of Love. I have found the feeling route the most effective.

You might also want to have a look at this article on Divine Suicide by Jeff Foster. I really enjoyed it. I especially liked this part:

I had not taught this woman anything. I had not really ‘done’ anything at all. I have no clever psychological theories. I had simply listened deeply to her, reminding her of what she had always known, reflecting her own deep truth back at her, so she could actually hear it for once. Out of devastation, out of total breakdown, her truth had been given the space to emerge.

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