Dialogues with Mari Perron

During a miraculous trip to the USA in 2016 I was privileged to spend some time with Mari Perron, “First Receiver” of A Course of Love, in addition to many people who had done both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. It truly was a life changing experience.

During my stay with Mari, she recorded two dialogues we had:

These dialogues are part of a general series of dialogues that Mari is recording, and which can be found on the Center for A Course of Love website: http://centerforacourseoflove.org/dialogue/. More information on Mari and A Course of Love is available on http://acourseoflove.com.

In case you are interested in obtaining a copy of A Course of Love and you live in South Africa, I have a number of copies available at R250 – almost half of the cost on the internet.

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